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Postby Asienieboje » Saturday, 18 January 2014, 17:24

Trochę po czasie, ale oto co znalazłem (na podstawie 2nd Household Cavalry Regiment - lipiec 1944):
RHQ & HQ Squadron
1 Daimler Scout Car
12 Humber Scout Cars
1 Daimler Armored CAr
3 Staghound Armored Cars
1 Armored Command Vehicle
4 Humber Armored Cars (until August 1944)
signal Platoon
Included in RHQ & HQ Sqn
REME Detachment
Included in RHQ & HQ Sqn
4 Squadrons (A, B, C,& D), each with:
1 Daimler Scout Car
4 Staghound Armored Cars
1 Daimler Armored Car
Heavy Troop:
1 Daimler Scout Cars
2 AEC Armored Cars (75mm gun)
Support Troop
1 Daimler Scout Car
3 White Scout cars with 1.2" mortars
5 Reconnaissance Troops:
2 Daimler Scout Cars
2 Daimler Armored Cars

Jak widać czołgów brak...
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