OWW2: M3 lee medium tank

OWW2: M3 lee medium tank

Postby xardas12r » Saturday, 14 April 2007, 17:49

M3 LEE(medium tank)(970) (to 44)
Mein Wapon(turent): 37mm light gun (extra long barrel) with coaxical m1919a4 .30 cal medium mg with suport
Secandery wapon(hull):75mm medium gun, m1919a4 .30 cal medium mg with suport
Carew:6 men and 1 sergant(leader) all have tombson submachine gun
duties:commander,machin gunners/radio operator,2 gunners, 2 asistant,driver
Characteristics:radio operator,ronson,bogs down easli, soft skin
Can fired to 2 another tergers.

+ sandbegs can by added for each tank +30
+ 1 tank can by hq for +30
+ An m1919a4 .30 cal medium aamg can by added for +60
+ Ambush camuflage can by addeed for +30
+ soft skin can by remove for +30
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