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Wracają Charles S. Roberts Awards

: wtorek, 19 maja 2020, 20:30
autor: Raleen

Re: Wracają Charles S. Roberts Awards

: sobota, 23 maja 2020, 20:14
autor: Neoberger
A ja dostałem takiego sympatycznego maila od Włochów w tym temacie.
Charles S. Roberts Awards for 2019
The Charles S. Roberts Awards are up and running again after a seven-year break.
Though we are a relatively small company, we want to give Europa Simulazioni as much chance as possible of securing one of these coveted awards. So, to make it easier for you to vote for us, we have teamed up with a number of other smaller wargames publishers to highlight the categories we are targeting and the games that qualify for your votes.
Voting ends on 31 May, so act quickly.
We would REALLY appreciate your support!

Company Acies Edizioni
Category Best Post-Napoleonic to Pre-World War 2 Era Board Wargame
Game Durchbruch
Category Best Napoleonic Era Board Wargame
Game Moravian Sun
Company Europa Simulazioni
Category Best Post-Napoleonic to Pre-World War 2 Era Board Wargame
Game Custoza, Fields of Doom
Company Legion Wargames
Category Best Post-WW2, Cold War, & Hypothetical Era Board Wargame
Game Dien Bien Phu (2nd Edition)
Company Strategemata
Category Best Ancients to Pre-Napoleonic Era Board Wargame
Game The Last Vikings
Category Best Original Box Cover Art
Game The Last Vikings
All ballots must be submitted by 11:59 PM Pacific time on May 31, 2020. Mailed ballots must be received by May 31, 2020.
Jest szansa by polskie ciekawe gry znalazły się w rankingu.
Ostatni Wikingowie, Ostrołęka czy piękne graficznie gry TiS.

Re: Wracają Charles S. Roberts Awards

: poniedziałek, 25 maja 2020, 13:07
autor: Raleen
Generalnie bardzo zacny pomysł, żeby małe wydawnictwa gier z Europy wzajemnie się wspierały.