Plany w serii OCS

Planszowe gry historyczne (wojenne, strategiczne, ekonomiczne, symulacje konfliktów) dotyczące II wojny światowej.
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Plany w serii OCS

Post autor: Teufel » wtorek, 17 marca 2015, 10:23

Uwaga, to nie jest temat dla eurodziewczynek i antydłubaninowców ;)

Najbardziej mi się podoba reprint Sycylii, Tunezji i nowa rzecz - Hungarian Rhapsody. Krążą w sieci zdjęcia z playtestów, będzie siedmiogród z Pusztą i Banetem plus zachodnie Wegry.
Wiekszość gier będzie dwumapowa, zatem do przeżycia.

Źródło are the games that currently seem good bets for the next few releases...

1) Beyond the Rhine is definite. Counters have begun the printing process. Looks good for a May release (but I probably shouldn't say that, since stuff happens). Designer: Roland LeBlanc.

2) Sicily II is in late development. It will be bundled with the OCS Journal. We hope this goes up for preorder in June, but nothing definite. This will be 1 map, 2 sheets of counters, and a 12-page exclusive rulebook. Designer: Dean Essig & John Kisner.

3) Tunisia II is in late development. This might also be ready for preorder this summer. Game will be 2 maps, 3 sheets of counters, 24-page exclusive rules, and a 4-page reinforcement booklet. Designer: Dean Essig & John Kisner.

4) Hungarian Rhapsody is in very early development. I hope to begin work on it during Spring Break (middle of the month). When my work is done, hopefully before summer starts, I will try and turn over the keys to a "head tester" to make the refinements needed before we declare it ready for publication. (At this point, I do not anticipate being intimately involved in this one.) I know this is a 2-map game, but not sure yet on number of counter sheets or size of rulebook. Potentially ready for preorder a year from now, but it is a big/long game so it will likely take two more years. Designer: Stephane Acquaviva.

5) Smolensk 1941. This is getting closer to development, but is still in late design stage. It will be 1 map, but not sure exactly how many counter sheets. This will likely be up for preorder before Hungarian Rhapsody (since it is a lot smaller), but still lots of variables. Dave Mignerey will likely be the head tester. Designer: Hans Kishel.

6) The Third Winter. Still in design stage, but will be played at CSW Expo in June. Big 4-map game set in Ukraine 1943-44. This will likely be my next development project. Designer: Tony Birkett. At least two years away.

7) Karelia 1944. I do not anticipate this design ever seeing light of day, but I do have a prototype of a 2.5-mile scale game covering the Soviet offensive into Finland in 1944. Sales of the SCS Karelia game were not stellar, so the subject matter makes this one problematic. Designer: Marttila Juuso.

There are a few other possible games. Tony Z is, I think, working on a 3.5-mile revision of Italy (which would be a good Sicily follow-up). Roland's follow-up to BTR might be a prequel to BTR, covering D-Day and Beyond. We already have maps for the area, that Hans drew back when BTR was in development. Finally, there is talk of using existing maps for summer of 1943 in Russia.
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