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PSC przejmuje Ironfist Publishing

: wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2018, 11:23
autor: MaaX
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Piers pisze:Gents,

Just a little bit of news... As Plastic Soldier Company are taking full ownership of Ironfist Publishing and Battlegroup, they will no longer have any capacity for external writers or system support and need to manage financial input closely. The system will now be all in-house and while Warwick Kinrade will still be the author and creator with PSC, I will no longer be associated with the game system, in either its development or promotion.

It's been a fun few years working on Battlegroup, and I hope my contributions have helped in a small way to make it the success it is today.

I wish PSC and Woz all the best and hope they take the game system on to bigger and better things.

If you have any queries regarding rules feel free to post here but any other business questions or comments should be directed to PSC directly.

It's been a fun ride being part of Battlegroup, but circumstances have sadly curtailed that. Hopefully the game will continue in its success under PSC and for me personally, it at least gives me the free time and opportunity to do other things and continue to work on my Patreon page, our podcast 'A Few Brits and the Hobby' and to finally get to work on my own WWII scenario books.

This page will of course remain as an unofficial Battlegroup Rules page, independent in its nature and content.

Best wishes,

PSC zapewni stabilnosc finansowa bo z tego co wiem to do tej pory zyski z poprzedniej ksiazki fundowaly nastepna :D
Dodatkowo widzialem na stronce PSC ze szykuja sie na Northaga maja w zapowiedziach tez jakies 10mm mam tylko nadzieje ze wydadza tez plastiki do 20mm.

Re: PSC przejmuje Ironfist Publishing

: wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2018, 12:47
autor: TommyGn
No cóż. Może przede wszystkim system Bg wypłynie na jeszcze szersze wody. Ztc słyszałem wyczerpane podręczniki Bg potrafią osiągać niezłe ceny wtórne.

Re: PSC przejmuje Ironfist Publishing

: wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2018, 13:43
autor: Biały Vilk
Czyli, powinniśmy się cieszyć. Szkoda jednak, że Piers formalnie odchodzi z systemu.

Re: PSC przejmuje Ironfist Publishing

: wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2018, 14:55
autor: Przemos19
Formalnie tak, ale ma wydać własnym sumptem scenario book.