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Struktury Afryka 1940 - 1943

Postby Andrzej » Thursday, 13 September 2007, 14:29

Siły stron z okresu walk o Tobruk w kwietniu i maju 1941
Generale d'Armata Italo Gariboldi
Generalleutnant Erwin Rommel
Note: The German order of battle was built up over the course of the summer
with units being fed into the battle line as they arrived in Libya. 5th Light
Motorised Division was first to arrive.
C o r p s Troops
475th Signals Battalion
3rd Company, 56th Signals Battalion (Radio Intercept)
576th Corps Map Store; 8th and 12th Military
Geological Units
572nd Supply Battalion
580th Water Supply Battalion
2nd Battalion, 115th Artillery Regiment
(210mm howitzers)
408th Artillery Battalion (105mm guns)
900th Engineer Battalion
300th Oasis Battalion
111/241 st*. lll/255th, lll/258th*, lll/268th*, lll/347th Italian
Infantry Battalions
523rd, 528th, 529th, 533rd Coastal Artillery Battalions
(155mm (f) howitzers)
612th Static Anti-Aircraft Battalion (20mm AA guns)
598th and 599th Field Replacement Battalions
* Formed Division zb V Afrika
5 t h L i g h t M o t o r i s e d D i v i s i on
Generalmajor Johannes Streich
(Generalmajor Johann von Ravenstein from 23 July 1941)
Telephone Company/Signals Battalion 'Libya'
532nd, 533rd**, 3/39th (motorised) Supply Battalions and
one unnumbered
797th, 801st, 803rd, 822nd (mot) Water Columns and one
800th and 804th (mot) Water Purification Columns
641st** and 645th** (mot) Heavy Water Columns
13th** and 210th** Tyre Sections; 122nd and
129th Mechanical Transport Workshops
1 Coy, 83rd Medical Battalion.; 4 Coys., 572nd Base
Hospital; 631st and 633rd Ambulance Platoons
531st Bakery Company
309th Field Police Troop
735th Field Post Office
5th Panzer Regiment (2 battalions)
Initial Tank Strength: 25 Pz I; 45 Pz II; 61 Pz III;
17 Pz lV; 7 Pz Bef Weg
200th Rifle Regiment (2nd*** and 8th Machine-Gun
3rd Reconnaissance Battalion
39th Anti-Tank Battalion, 33rd Anti-Tank Battalion***
(37mm and 50mm anti-tank guns)
605th Anti-Tank Battalion (Panzerjager Is)**
606th Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Battalion
(20mm SP guns)**
1st Bn., 75th Artillery Regiment (105mm howitzers)
1st Bn., 33rd (Luftwaffe) Anti-Aircraft Regiment (88mm
and 20mm AA guns)**
200th Engineer Battalion, 1 Company from 39th Engineer
** Reassigned to Corps *** Reassigned to 15.Pz.Div
15th Panzer Division
Generalmajor Heinrich von Prittwitz und Graffon
(Generalmajor Karl Freiherr von Esebeck from 15 April 1941;
Generalmajor Walther Neumann-Silkow from 25 July 1941)
33rd Signals Battalion; 33rd Map Store
33rd Supply Battalion
8th Panzer Regiment (2 battalions)
Initial Tank Strength: 45 Pz II; 71 Pz III; 20 Pz IV;
10 Pz Bef Weg
15th Rifle Brigade
15th Motorcycle Battalion
104th and 115th Rifle Regiments (2 battalions each)
33rd Reconnaissance Battalion
33rd Artillery Regiment (2 battalions of
105mm howitzers, 1 battalion 150mm howitzers)
33rd Engineer Battalion
33rd Field Hospital; 33rd Ambulance Company
33rd Bakery Company; 33rd Butchery Company
33rd Military Police Troop; 33rd Field Post Office
33rd Field Replacement Battalion
From August:
1. 200th Rifle Regiment controlled 15th Motorcycle Battalion and
2nd Machine-Gun Battalion in 15th Panzer Division.
2. 5th Light Division's artillery was expanded to regimental level as
155th Artillery Regiment.
3. 605th Anti-Tank Battalion received an extra battery equipped with Marder Is.
4. The following units arrived:
1/18th Anti-Aircraft Battalion (88mm and 20mm anti-aircraft guns) arrived
and was controlled with l/33rd by 135th (Luftwaffe) Anti-Aircraft Regiment.
617th Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Battalion (20mm self-propelled guns)
Sonderverband 288 (3 Rifle, Machine-Gun, Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft and
Engineer companies)
303rd, 304th Coastal Batteries (155mm (f) howitzers)
4-149, 4-772 Coastal Batteries (170mm guns)
5. Rommel was promoted General der Panzertruppen 1 July 1941 and his
command expanded on 15 August 1941 to become Panzergruppe Afrika
with Italian XXI Corps under command. The following formations were
created or added to the DAK which came under the command of
Generalleutnant Ludwig Cruwell:
Division zb V Afrika
155th (mot) Infantry Regiment (from battalions marked *
361st (mot) Light Africa Regiment (2 battalions)
ll/255th, lll/347th Battalions (non-motorised) (attached)
361st Artillery Battalion (105mm howitzers)
2nd Italian Celere (motorised) Artillery Regiment
104th A r t i l l e r y Command
Generalmajor Karl Bottcher
Staff, 221st Artillery Regiment
528th Artillery Battalion
11/115th Battalion
408th Battalion
364th Artillery Battalion
902nd Heavy Battalion (170mm guns)
55th Savona Division
Generale di Brigata Fedele De Giorgis
15th, 16th {Savona Brigade) Infantry Regiments
12th Sila Artillery Regiment
55th Mixed Engineer Battalion
155th Machine-Gun Battalion (attached)
4th Bn., Genoa Cavalry Regiment (attached)
Generale di Corpo d'Armata Enea Navarrini
Corps Troops
5th Army Artillery Group (4 battalions 149/35 guns)
16th Corps Artillery Regiment (3 Bns of 105/28 guns)
24th Corps Artillery Regiment (1 battalion of 105/28,
1 battalion of 100/17 howitzers)
3rd (mot) Principe Amedeo Duca d'Aosta Artillery
Regiment (1 battalion 100/17 guns, 2 battalions
75/27 guns)
340th Engineer Battalion
304th Ragruppomento Guardia alla Frontiera
(Frontier Guards)
1 7 t h Pavia Division
Generale di Brigata Antonio Franceschini
27th, 28th (Pavia Brigade) Infantry Regiments
26th Rubicone Artillery Regiment
(3 battalions 75/27 guns)
77th, 423rd Anti-Aircraft Batteries (20mm AA guns)
17th Mixed Engineer Battalion
207th Motor Transport Section
21st Medical Section (66th and 84th/94th Field
679th CCRR Section, 54th Post Office
5th Light Tank Battalion (attached)
6th Bn., Lancieri Aosta (armoured cars) (attached)
2 5 t h Bologna Division
Generale di Divisione Alessandro Gloria
39th, 40th {Bologna Brigade) Infantry Regiments
205th Artillery Regiment (2 battalions 100/17 howitzers,
2 battalions 75/27 guns)
4th, 437th Anti-Aircraft Batteries (20mm AA guns)
135th Mechanical Transport Section
Medical Section (96th, 528th Field Hospitals,
66th Surgical Unit, 308th Field Ambulance)
73rd CCRR Section, 58th Post Office
27th Brescia Division
Generale di Divisione Bortolo Zambon
19th, 20th (Brescia Brigade) Infantry Regiments
55th Artillery Regiment (1 battalion 100/17 howitzers,
1 battalion 88/56 guns, 2 battalions 75/27 guns)
27th Mixed Engineer Battalion
328th Mechanical Transport Section
401st, 404th Anti-Aircraft Batteries (20mm AA guns)
34th Medical Section (35th Surgical Unit,
95th Field Hospital)
127th CRR Section, 96th Post Office
102nd Trento Motorised Division
Generale di Divisione Luigi Nieveloni
61st, 62nd (Sicilia Brigade) Infantry Regiments,
46th Trento Artillery Regiment (2 battalions of
100/17 howitzers; 2 battalions of 75/27 guns)
7th Bersagleri Regiment (8th, 10th, 11th and
70th Battalions.)
51st Mixed Engineer Battalion (161st Pioneer Company,
96th Signals Company)
551st Anti-Tank Battalion.
51st Medical Section (57th and 897th Field Hospitals)
412th, 414th Anti-Aircraft Batteries (20mm AA guns)
160th/180th CCRR (Carabinieri) Section,
109th Post Office
Generale di Corpo d'Armata Gastone Gambara
Corps Troops
1 battalion 105/28 guns (from 24th Army Artillery Group) 23
101st Trieste Motorised Division
Generale di Divisione Alessandro Piazzoni
65th, 66th (mot) {Valtellina Brigade) Infantry Regiments
9th Bersaglieri Regiment (8th and 11th Battalions)
32nd Mixed Engineer Battalion (28th Pioneer Company
and 101st Signals Company)
21st (mot) Po Artillery Regiment (2 battalions
100/17 howitzers; 1 battalion 75/27 guns)
101st Anti-Tank Battalion
175th Supply Section; 80th Heavy Mechanical Transport
65th, 214th and 242nd Field Hospitals; 16th Surgical Unit
22nd CCRR Section; 56th Post Office
132nd Ariete Armoured Division
Generale di Divisione Mario Balotta
32nd Armoured Regiment (M13s)
132nd Armoured Regiment (M13s)
8th Bersaglieri Regiment (3rd, 5th, 12th Mobile Battalions
and 3rd Anti-Tank Battalion)
132nd (mot) Artillery Regiment (2 battalions 75/27 guns)
General Sir Archibald Wavell
(HQ Cyrcom as at 31 April 1941)
Lieutenant-General Philip Neame VC
(Note: Units marked * also served for all or part of the siege in Tobruk)
1st Free French Motor Battalion (2 companies)
A Squadron, Long Range Desert Group
1st Bn., Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (Machine-Gun)
(less one company)*
51st (Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry) Field
Regiment, Royal Artillery (18-pdr guns and
4.5-in howitzers)*
37th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA (40mm Bofors
anti-aircraft guns)
295th, 552nd Field Companies, Royal Engineers
Joined during the campaign by:
11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)
1st Bn., King's Royal Rifle Corps
3rd Indian Motor Brigade
Brigadier E.W.D. Vaughn
3rd Indian Motor Brigade Headquarters and Signals
Squadron, Royal Indian Corps of Signals
2nd Royal Lancers (Gardner's Horse)
Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry (11th Frontier Force)
18th King Edward VII's Own Cavalry*
3rd Regt., Royal Horse Artillery* (attached less J Battery)
(37mm Bofors anti-tank guns)
35th Field Squadron, Sappers and Miners
3rd Motor Brigade Company, Royal Indian Army
Service Corps
3rd Field Ambulance, Royal Indian Army Medical Corps
13th, 27th Mobile Workshop Companies, Indian Army
Ordnance Corps
1 Bn. (attached from Pavia Division) (75/27 guns)
1 Bn. (att. from 24th Corps Artillery) (105/28 guns)
31st Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battalion
(88L56 and 90L53 guns)
161st Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion (75L18 SP guns)
132nd Mixed Engineer Battalion (132nd Pioneer
Company, 232nd Signals Company)
672nd CCRR Section, 132nd Post Office
Ragruppamento Esplorante (RECAM)
52nd Medium Armoured Battalion
3rd Coy., 32nd Light Armoured Battalion
Experimental Light Tank and Armoured Car Company
Machine-Gun Company
Two battalions Giovanni Fascisti Infantry
One battalion Police (1 armoured car company,
2 motorcycle companies)
'Flying' Batteries (1st and 3rd Battalions and
1 independent battery (65/17 guns); one battery
100/17 guns; 1 battery 20mm AA guns)
2nd Armoured Division
Major-General M.D. Gambier-Parry
Divisional Troops
1st King's Dragoon Guards* (Marmon-Herrington
armoured cars)
2nd Armoured Division Signals, Royal Corps of Signals
2nd Armoured Division Provost Company, Corps of
Military Police
Divisional Services
14th*, 15th* and 346th* Companies, Royal Army Service
3rd Armoured Brigade
Brigadier R.G.W. Rimington
3rd The King's Own Hussars* (Light tanks)
5th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment (Cruiser tanks)
6th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment (M13s)
Support Group
Brigadier H.B. Latham
1st Battalion, Tower Hamlets Rifles
1 Company, 1st Frontier Force Motorised Battalion
C Company, 1st Bn., Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
(Machine-Gun) *
1st Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery* (25-pdr gun/howitzers)
104th (Essex Yeomanry) Regt., RHA* (25-pdrs)
J Battery, RHA (2-pdr anti-tank guns)
9th Australian Division*
Major-General L.J. Morshead
Divisional Troops
2/12th Field Regt. (25-pdrs), 2/3rd Anti-Tank Regt.
(2-pdrs), 2/3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regt. (Bredas), Royal
Australian Artillery
2/3rd, 2/7th and 2/13th Field Companies, 2/4th Field
Park Company, Royal Australian Engineers
2/1 st Pioneer Battalion
9th Division Supply, Ammunition and Petrol Companies,
7th Div. Supply Company, Composite Coy, Australian
Army Service Corps
9th Division Signals, Royal Australian Corps of Signals
2/4th Army Ordnance Depot, Australian Army
Ordnance Corps
2/4th General Hospital, 2/2nd Casualty Clearing Station,
2/3rd, 2/8th and 2/11th Field Ambulances, 2/4th Field
Hygiene Section, Australian Army Medical Corps
9th Division Provost Company, Australian Corps of
Military Police
20th Australian Infantry Brigade
Brigadier J.J. Murray
20th Brigade HQ and Signals Company, Royal Australian
Corps of Signals
20th Anti-Tank Company, 2/13th, 2/15th and
2/17th Battalions
24th Australian Infantry Brigade
Brigadier A.H.L. Godfrey
24th Brigade HQ and Signals Company, Royal Australian
Corps of Signals
24th Anti-Tank Company, 2/28th, 2/23rd and
2/43rd Battalions.
26th Australian Infantry Brigade
Brigadier Hon. R.W. Tovell
26th Brigade HQ and Signals Company, Royal Australian
Corps of Signals
26th Anti-Tank Company , 2/24th and 2/48th Battalions
(2/32nd Battalion joined by sea after the siege began.)
Other Troops serving in the
Tobruk Garrison
18th Australian Infantry Brigade
Brigadier G.F Wooten
18th Brigade HQ and Signals Company, Royal Australian
Corps of Signals
16th Anti-Tank Company, 2/9th, 2/10th and 2/12th Bns.
2/4th Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers
2/5th, Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps
4th A n t i - A i r c r a f t Brigade
Brigadier J.N. Slater
Harbour Defended Area
HQ 13th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment: 152/51, 153/51,
235/89 Heavy Anti-Aircraft, 40/14 Light Anti-Aircraft
Batteries, Royal Artillery
Workshops and Signals Section, 51st Heavy Anti-Aircraft
Regiment, Royal Artillery
HQ and Detachments, Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
(Searchlight Regiment), Royal Artillery
Perimeter Defended Area
(Under control of Brigadier L.F Thompson, CRA, 9th
Australian Div.)
HQ 14th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment: 38/13, 39/13 57/14
Light Anti-Aircraft Batteries, Royal Artillery
Workshops and Signals Section, 13th Light Anti-Aircraft
Regiment, Royal Artillery
(Totals: 24 3.7-in (16 mobile, 2 unserviceable); 2 102mm
(Italian); 2 149mm (Italian); 18 40mm (6 mobile),
42 20mm (Italian) - all Light Anti-Aircraft batteries
operated a mix of 40mm, 20mm and light machineguns;
10 searchlights (8 90cms plus 2 Italian); 2 Gun
Laying Mk I radar sets (in early warning positions)
107th (South Nottinghamshire Hussars) Regiment, RHA
1st Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment
Elements, 4th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment
D Squadron, 7th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment
9 Base Supply Depot; 48 Detail Issue Depot, 115 Petrol
Depot, 1 Bulk Petroleum Storage Company, 25 Motor
Ambulance Company, 61, 345, 550 Companies, Royal
Army Service Corps.
1st, 2nd and 4th Libyan Pioneer Battalions
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Postby Andrzej » Thursday, 13 September 2007, 14:30

Lieutenant-General Sir N.M. Beresford-Peirse
7 th Armoured Division
Major-General Sir M. O'Moore Creagh
Divisional Troops
11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own) (Marmon-Herrington
armoured cars)
4th Field Squadron and 143 Field Park Squadron,
Royal Engineers
7th Armoured Division Signals, Royal Corps of Signals
270th Field Security Section, Intelligence Corps
7th Armoured Division Provost Company, Corps of
Military Police
Divisional Services
5th, 58th, 65th Companies Royal Army Service Corps;
Divisional Workshops, Divisional Ordnance Field Park,
Divisional Forward Delivery Workshop Section, 1st,
2nd and 3rd Light Repair Sections, Royal Army
Ordnance Corps; 2/3rd and 3/3rd Cavalry Field
Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.
7th Armoured Brigade
Brigadier H.E. Russell
7th Armoured Brigade HQ and Signals Company,
Royal Corps of Signals
2nd Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment (Cruisers)
6th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment (Crusaders)
Support Group
Brigadier J.C. Campbell
Support Group HQ and Signals Company, Royal
Corps of Signals
1st Bn., King's Royal Rifle Corps
2nd Bn., Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)
1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regt., Royal Artillery (40mm Bofors
Anti-Aircraft guns) 25
4 t h Indian Division
Major-General F.W. Messervy
Divisional Troops
The Central India Horse (21st King George V's Own
Horse) (carriers and Light tanks)
8th, 25th and 31st Field Regts., Royal Artillery (25-pdrs)
7th Medium Regt., Royal Artillery
65th Anti-Tank Regt., Royal Artillery
7th Indian Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company
4th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Artillery;
9th Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery
12th Field Company, Royal Engineers; 4th Field
Company, King George's Own Bengal Sappers and
Miners; 11th Field Park Company, King George's Own
Bengal Sappers and Miners
Divisional Troops Company; 5th, 7th and 11th Indian
Infantry Bde. Coys., Royal Indian Army Service Corps,
4th Indian Division Signals, Royal Indian Corps of Signals
14th, 17th and 19th Field Ambulance, Royal Indian Army
Medical Corps
4th Indian Division Provost Company
22nd (Guards) Brigade
Brigadier I.D. Erskine
22nd (Guards) Brigade HQ and Signals Company,
Royal Corps of Signals
22nd (Guards) Brigade Anti-Tank Company
3rd Bn., Coldstream Guards
2nd Bn., Scots Guards
1st Bn., The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)
A Squadron, Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry
11th Indian Infantry Brigade
Brigadier R.A. Savory
11th Indian Brigade HQ and Signals Company,
Royal Indian Corps of Signals
11th Indian Brigade Anti-Tank Company
2nd Bn., Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
1st Bn., (Wellesley's), 6th Rajputana Rifles
2nd Bn., 5th Mahratta Light Infantry
4th Armoured Brigade
Brigadier A.E. Gatehouse
4th Armoured Brigade HQ and Signals Squadron,
Royal Corps of Signals
4th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment (Matildas)
7th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment (Matildas)
A Squadron, 3rd The King's Own Hussars (Cruisers)
(as at 31 March 1941)
Group Captain L.O. Brown
73 Squadron & 3 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force
55 (Bomber) Squadron (Blenheims) (45 (Bomber)
Squadron joined soon afterwards)
6 (Army Co-operation) Squadron (Lysanders)
(Following reorganisation under 204 Group - 19 April 1941]
Air Commodore Raymond Collishaw
73 Squadron (Hurricanes) - Tobruk
274 Squadron (Hurricanes) - Gerawla
14 Squadron (Blenheim IVs) - Burg el Arab
Detachment, 39 Squadron (Glenn Martins) - Maaten
Detachment, 24 Squadron, South African Air Force
(Glenn Martins) - Fuka
45 Squadron (Blenheim IVs) - Fuka
55 Squadron (Blenheim IVs) - Zimla
6 Squadron (Hurricanes and Lysanders) – Tobruk
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Postby robert-wg » Thursday, 25 November 2010, 15:09

Super struktury, choć niesformatowane i fatalnie się czyta. Wmieszała Ci się w pierwszej części włoska grupa RECAM w struktury Brytyjczyków.

A masz może struktury z operacji Crusader?
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